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A highly specialized team of doctors providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary care

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Multi-specialty doctors - Fostering comprehensive healthcare - all under one roof.

TrustWell Specialities

The legacy that embraces excellent Talent, Compassion, and Healthcare.

Trustwell Institute of anesthesia and critical care are two disciplines which aims at reducing the mortality rate by providing immediate life-saving care to the critically ill patient.

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Internal Medicine department at Trustwell Hospital looks at the general healthcare of patient. We are fully equipped with well specialized Doctors, cutting edge technology, backed with Department of Interventional Radiology, and Department of Microbiology and Pathology. 

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The Ophthalmology specialty at Trustwell Hospital provides best eye care services in Bangalore. Our highly experienced and multidisciplinary team of doctors gives meticulous attention to each patient, to understand their problems, educate them about the available solutions and choose the best option in consultation with patients. 

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The orthopedics speciality at Trustwell Hospital is at the forefront of medical technology in the field of orthopedic treatment. Bone injury, sports injuries, degenerative joint disorder, etc. requires tailored and improvised treatment plan for better mobility and speedy recovery.

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Emergency don’t wait, neither should you. Trustwell Hospital is level 1 Emergency and Trauma center which makes it best in Bangalore and beyond. Department of Emergency Medicine provides 24×7 comprehensive medical and surgical care to the trauma patients.

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The Obstetrics and Gynecology speciality at Trustwell hospital provides consultancy for women going through all phases, from menarche to menopause. We acquire the best position in obstetrics and gynecology center in Bangalore with amenities like pre and post natal medical and surgical care, emergency services, IVF technology, infertility clinics, etc. 

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The Oral and Faciomaxillary Science speciality at Trustwell hospital deals with several diseases likes accidental injuries, cleft and craniofacial disorders, oral cancer, jaw reconstruction, snoring and sleep apnea, facial cosmetic surgery, repair of hard and soft tissues of the oral) and maxillofacial area. 

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The Department of dental surgery and Oral implants provide exclusive range of all dental care from basic diagnosis, routine dental procedures to complex reconstructive surgeries. 

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Department of Paediatrics at Trustwell Hospital delivers the best pediatric care in a child friendly manner. Encouraging team of experts who can handle the delicacy of children’s mind is assigned in OPD and intensive care unit.

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Knowledge of endocrinology diseases is not common among normal population. Endocrinology and diabetology speciality at Trustwell Hospital aims at providing accurate information along with comprehensive treatment of these diseases. Endocrinology deals with hormonal disorders, while Diabetology treats Diabetes mellitus which is becoming very common nowadays.

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Prevention is always better a choice. Illness can be coped properly, if diagnosed earlier. Presenting different health check-up packages designed to suit multiple requirement and budget.

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Why Choose TrustWell Hospitals

We believe that effective treatment commences with precise diagnosis. Medical illness can be harsh and stressful, we make sure you never run out of care.

Qualified Doctors

Doctors and specialists at Trustwell Hospitals are considered as one of the best doctors in India due to their expertise and contribution in their respective domains. All our doctors are MBBS, MD/MS, Postdoc qualified with many awards and publications under their name.

Holistic Approach

We take into consideration all aspects like physical, mental, and emotional health which could be specific to the treatment of a patient. Health is a balance of both internal and external harmony, this balance helps in patient treatment other than conventional medicine.


Advanced Technology

We are well equipped with Cutting edge radiology like 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging and128- Slice CT scan and pathology techniques introduced in the past years. Computer-based monitoring and minimal access surgeries techniques are preferred nowadays for quick recovery.

World Class Service

With a strong presence, we deliver world class service to thousands of patients with 30+ specialties, Backed by complete medical facilities and 24x7 emergency trauma center, all under one roof. Committed to deliver the best outcome possible through exemplary healthcare.

Our Advanced Facilities

Advanced Operation Theatre

All our operation theatres are fully equipped for any complex and routine surgeries. The aseptic environment is strictly maintained and the OT environment is timely monitored by surveillance swabs.

Intensive Care Treatment

Our Intensive care unit is designed in such a way that it has easy access to the emergency room, OT, Radiology, and pathology department. ICU is fully furnished with equipment like ventilators, defibrillator, portable X-rays, ultrasound, etc.

Advanced Imaging Center

Our patient safety is the utmost priority, and for that, we use the lowest dose of radiation possible to achieve high-quality images. We offer various imaging tests such as X-rays, CT scans, mammograms, fluoroscopy, MRI, CT-scans, etc.

Advanced Medical Lab Set Up

Advanced medical labs which are capable of performing all pathological tests including blood, urine, and stool test along with different types of biopsy, FNAC and advanced tests like Thalassemia profiling, immune deficiency profiling, etc.

Emergency & Trauma Care

The Emergency & Trauma Care division at Trustwell is operable 24x7 and constitutes a team of highly specialized physicians & surgeons. All the critically ill patients or patients who are injured are immediately taken under the care.

Center of Excellences

A highly specialized team of doctors aims at providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary care to the patient. We have the best doctors with advanced technology in the Institute of Neuroscience, Institute of Gastroenterology, etc. which make Trustwell hospitals, best in India.

Our Advanced Facilities

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