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Infectious Disease In Children

Infectious Disease Care

Some of our specialties include:

Infectious Disease In Children

The Center for Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Hopeberry Clinic offers a variety of services including:

Our team, made up of group of doctors and nurse coordinator, is available to provide evaluation and treatment to patients in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. We treat infants, children, andadolescents who are hospitalized, including those in our intensive care units who are critically ill children after surgery and organ transplantation.
Our pediatric infectious diseases specialists hold regular outpatient clinics that allow our patients to receive treatment for various infectious issues, while maintaining quality of life outside of the hospital. Some common reasons for referrals to our outpatient clinic include prolonged and recurrent fevers, recurrent infections, and management of home intravenous antibiotics.
Our nurse coordinator holds “virtual” travel clinics where she gives destination-specific travel advice. We recommend that appointments occur one month prior to travel and that information regarding your destination, itinerary, and prior vaccinations are available at the time of the appointment.

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