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Laparoscopic Surgery: Changing Trends And Outcomes In The Surgical World


We have read about laparoscopic surgery in the previous month’s blog here

It is clear that laparoscopic surgical procedure has many benefits over the traditional old method of surgery i.e. open surgery. However, open surgery is also important as laparoscopic surgery is not the solution in all treatments and the patient’s overall condition.

In previous times, open surgery was the only option for all surgical treatments. However, it was a scary and painful condition that involved many pre and post-surgical precautions to be taken by the patient. With the introduction of computer and other advanced technologies that came into the picture, even the surgical treatments became modernized. The new technology eliminates some problems that surgeons face during more challenging operations. Laparoscopic surgery has restored much of what was lost and altered the learning curve in both the surgeon’s and patient’s favor. Minimal invasive surgery has given birth to a new and exciting era in surgical research. This surgical method is safe and less invasive in comparison. Today, laparoscopy is one of the most common surgical procedures performed in Bangalore to treat many health disorders that require surgical treatment.

The main reason behind its acceptance worldwide lies in the advantages that it holds over the open method. This method is simpler, faster, and most convenient for many surgical treatments for both surgeons and patients. This is the reason that today there are many surgeons who specialize in a laparoscopic method including Dr. Manish Joshi.

The laparoscopic procedure involves less post-operative pain, minimum surgical scars or scar less and faster recovery time. Most patients are discharged from the hospital the same or very next day pf the surgery. It also involves less chance of infections as compared to open surgery. Many cancers are also treated with the help of laparoscopic surgeries depending on a case to case basis. With the advent of laparoscopic surgery, the word ‘surgery’ is no scarier. Many patients are getting trust upon laparoscopic surgeon after getting to know about the surgery in detail. Dr. Manish Joshi always discusses with his patients about the advantages of surgery so that the patient gets some relief from the fact that he/she is going to be operated.

The trends are changing in the surgical world with the help of laparoscopic surgery and the outcomes are definitely on a positive side.

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