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Newborn Followup Clinic

Newborn baby

Newborn Followup Clinic

The neonatologists, nurse practitioners, and occupational therapists in our NICU Follow-up Clinic evaluate and support the development of premature infants and babies with medically complex conditions. Research has shown that providing this neonatal developmental care improves babies’ long-term outcomes.
Our goal is to identify developmental delays early and to connect families with appropriate interventions to prevent long-term developmental problems.
We also see babies referred by pediatricians or subspecialists for feeding difficulties, muscle tone concerns or developmental delays. Parents may also schedule evaluations for high-risk babies.

When we see babies

Some developmental challenges are not visible immediately after birth, so we typically see babies at:

Visits may begin as early as 2-4 weeks after discharge to make sure babies and parents are adjusting well and getting everything they need at home. They may also continue through age 3, depending on the child’s needs.
*Corrected age is calculated by counting the number of months from the due date of delivery and not the actual date of birth

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