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Scrotal Pain and Its Causes

Scrotal Pain and Its Causes

Scrotal Pain and Its Causes

Testicular pain can be caused by a sudden injury, inflammation, sexually transmitted infections, or an emergency condition. This condition can cause a dull ache in the scrotum, sometimes along with swelling

Common Causes

Epididymoorchitis ( Infection and inflammation of testes and Epididymis)

Torsion testes ( Twisting of testes around its axis)

Trauma to testes ( Due to any external force)

Varicocele ( Bulging of venous channels due to improper flow)

Malignancy ( testicular cancer)

Why should you get checked ?

Ignoring the pain in scrotum or self medicating with over the counter drugs  can lead to serious consequences like pus collection ( abcess ,pyocele) or permanent loss of testes ( testicular atrophy) or loss of function of testes( infertility) or spread of cancer to other organs of body( testicular cancer metastasis)

What to expect from your urologist ?

Details pertaining to your symptoms onset ,duration and progression shall be noted followed by examination of your genitals. Tests including any combination of ultrasound,  urine tests, blood tests shall be advised depending on the requirement to arrive at a diagnosis followed by treatment.

What are the usual treatment options for pain in scrotum?

It depends on the individual patients condition , age, associated health

How is scrotal pain diagnosed?

Labs and studies should include urinalysis and scrotal ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis. Urinalysis showing hematuria or leukocytosis is more typical of epididymo-orchitis than torsion. Doppler ultrasonography can be used to assess testicular blood flow, which is reduced or absent in testicular torsion


Many patients do not require any surgery and can be treated by the right selection  of medications including antibiotics and analgesics. But some patients need to undergo surgery like those with below listed conditions .

  • Torsion testes – Emergency exploration of scrotum and detorsion
  • Pyocele and scrotal abcess – Incision and drainage .
  • Testicular Malignancy- High inguinal orchidectomy
  • Varicocele- Varicolectomy .
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