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Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgery is a procedure wherein the damaged or diseased part of the hip joint is operated on by the surgeon. To understand better, let us understand the structure of a hip. The Hip joint is much like a ball and a socket joint. The top of thigh bone contains the ball part of the hip joint. Our leg is able to move in all possible directions because of the ball in the socket. The socket is situated as a part of the pelvis. For smooth movement, as in the case of a normal hip, there has to be smooth cartilage covering the end of the thighbone (ball) and pelvis (socket).

However,  in the case of a dysfunctional hip, smooth movement is restricted by the worn cartilages.  The Bone gets damaged, uneven and rough as it gets rubbed against each other whenever there is hip movement. This eventually leads to pain. When the situation goes beyond the scope of oral medication, Hip replacement surgery is suggested. It is performed either as a Hemi replacement or as a total replacement (arthroplasty).  In total hip replacement surgery, the worn-out socket as well as the ball (femur head) is completely changed and replaced with polythene  (plastic) or ceramic one (for the socket), and metal/ceramic for the ball (femur head).

There are multiple ways of attaching the implant to the bone. The implant can be attached to the bone using cement during a cemented hip replacement, whereas in the case of a non-cemented replacement procedure, the bone grows on and into the surface of the implant. Types of Bearing surfaces could include

  1. Ceramic on ceramic 
  2. Metal on polythene (plastic)
  3. Ceramic on poly


Out of these the most commonly used bearing surface is metal with highly cross-linked polyethene and ceramic on highly cross-linked polyethene.


Patients with conditions like osteoarthritis are often suggested hip replacement surgery. However, there are other medical conditions stated below where the doctor suggests a hip replacement surgery.

1: Arthritis

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Ankylosing
  • Dysplastic hip
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

2:Avascular Necrosis of Hip 

3: Hip Fractures

When are patients advised to undergo Hip replacement Surgery?

Hip replacement is a major surgery that is usually suggested by a doctor when no other ways or means of treating the situation works. Patients are advised to opt for total hip replacement surgery if:-

  • Deformities of the hip which make it tough for the patient to get up and move freely
  • Hip Instability
  • Regular activities like going for a walk become impossible for the patient. Their sleep also gets disturbed as the pain in the joint is so severe.
  • It gets impossible to work or move.

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TWIMS - Trustwell Institute for Musculoskeletal Sciences headed by Dr Chandrasekar Chikkamuniyappa has some really qualified and experienced orthopaedic surgeons. He is a highly acclaimed medical professional and has been awarded the “Aryabhata international award” in 2010 and many more. With its team of top-notch surgeons and advanced and latest infrastructure, Trustwell Hospital cures several bone ailments every day. At an affordable cost, they intend to provide an exemplary facility which is commendable. 

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