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About us

Beyond healthcare, Refining lives

The altruistic approach of Doctor and quest to develop new and unique treatment method, make us out of the ordinary.

The thing that stands out about Trustwell is the concept of running a hospital by India’s leading Doctors itself and not by corporate managers.

Trustwell Hospital is a vision of several renowned specialists’ doctors who have come together from different fields, led by Dr. H V Madhusudan (HOD Neurosurgery) who believes that every life matters so healthcare should be available to all, irrespective of money building.

Hereby, placing an inaugural stone of Trustwell Hospitals with a foresight “to create world-class multispecialty hospital, eliciting brightest skills, state of the art technologies pooled with compassion and care”.

The amalgamation of the hand with a human figure in our logo represents our core values of Excellence, Integrity, Passion and Compassion towards our patients.

Progressing beyond technology to the sway healthcare future.

We are adept with 30+ specialties, full-fledged with consistently emerging technology, highly qualified Doctors and supporting staff with over two decades of experience.

Feel a concern

Trustwell hospital ensures proper care and affection in your hard times. Our key responsibility is your health, for that we provide all the necessary utilities a patient requires. Every bed is well equipped with features like adjustable height for head, feet and side rails, IV stand, patient monitor, etc. along with the console room and support groups for patient’s family and friends. 

Nurse and staff

Well qualified nurses and trained supporting staff are the backbone of our Hospital. Patients are the focus of everything we do. Our competent staff provides every bit you require before you ask for it. We ensure zero errors when it comes to your health, all our staff members are fully trained in biohazard and patient safety management.

Quality support

Here at Trustwell, all the quality norms are followed associated with patient care, safety, and coordination. Patients are monitored at every point for no post-treatment symptoms. Regular health inspection is done to ensure the best quality with no medical eventualities.

Round the globe

Coming up through the ranks, we endeavor to become the best multispecialty hospital in Bangalore for Indian and International patients. We maintain our hospital in regard to international standards and equipped with top notch healthcare and hospitality services from diagnosis to treatment

Core values

We at Trustwell Hospitals believe in the following core values

Patient Centricity


Ethical Practice



Our logo embodies the above core values in being the “healing hands” that take care of a patient (human figure) with compassion and assured safety resulting in the best clinical outcome.
Mission and Vision


To initiate, foster and propagate integrated healthcare delivery across the community touching every individual through application of expert clinical knowledge and latest scientific advancement and research protocols in an excellent care setting, providing universally accepted protocol-based treatment with best clinical outcomes. The institution also strives to encourage teamwork and continued educational initiatives among the staff doctors and nurses so as to bring out the best in them. The overall focus is on being patient centric in all that we do.


To be the best institution in the region delivering world class healthcare with best clinical outcomes driven by clinical expertise, latest technology and compassionate service

Mission and Vision


Doctors are generally the point of contact for a patient in a hospital and thus they become the face of the hospital. But as is commonly known, a private sector “Corporate Hospital” has its own team of players in the background running the hospital. Though it would appear logical that a doctor is the one who can “feel the pulse” of a patient better than anyone else, understanding the needs of setting up and maintaining a hospital infrastructure requires a different set of people. Trustwell Hospital is a unique venture where the people who actually understand the needs of a patient are also the ones running it. Trustwell is a place where clinical experts in their chosen fields who have been constantly delivering quality medical care over several decades have come together to put up the best possible hospital infrastructure and also bring with them industry best practices to run such a place.
Expert Doctor at Trustwell Hospitals
Trustwell Hospital is a Multi-super specialty 250 bedded hospital in the heart of the city of Bangalore. The board of directors comprise of Dr HV Madhusudan, Dr Deepak Haldipur, Dr NS Chandrashekhar and Dr Raghunath- all of them leading expert doctors in their own field of medicine with proven and consistent exemplary clinical outcomes.


Dr. Madhusudan-01

Dr. H V Madhusudan

Director – Neurosciences

Dr. Deepak V Haldipur-01

Dr. Deepak V Haldipur

Director – ENT, Head and Neck ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon

Dr. N S Chandrashekar-01

Dr. N S Chandrashekar

Director & Senior Consultant in Anaesthesia, Pain Relief & Palliative Care
Dr. S. K. Raghunath ​​-01

Dr. S. K. Raghunath

Director – Urology
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