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Department of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Department of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Facial plastic surgery is an artistic subspecialty, which requires both an artistic eye and technical skills. Function and form are equally important and are given equal weight in the reconstructive process. To combine these important concepts, our surgeons are board certified both in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.Facial Cosmetic Surgeons believe in enhancing facial beauty without giving an operated look,at the same time ensuring patient comfort and minimal pain.

Dr. Vishwas Vijayadev brings with him distinguished experience in helping people achieve their best face forward. Dr. Vishwas Vijayadev is the first resident Indian to have done dual fellowships from United Kingdom and USA and is very well known for surgical and non surgical cosmetic intervention on the face and neck. 

Dr Vishwas Vijayadev believes in Patient first approach and he ensures that the patient and his relatives have a smooth check in to the outpatient department while taking care of their privacy adequately. The patient waiting time is kept to minimum and are given sufficient time to address their concerns and discuss in detail. Dr Vishwas also shows case samples for the patient and discusses aesthetic outcomes with a 3 way mirror and simulation software. This would help the patient understand his or her own beauty in the context of surgery. A minimum of 2 consultations are carried out for consenting and photographic documentation and for the patient to discuss about all their fears and anxieties concerning surgery. Following this, patient is admitted in daycare basis or one day admission for the procedure, unless it is a very complex reconstructive procedure. Dr Vishwas shall ensure that your medical care and surgical care are up to the mark. At Discharge Dr Vishwas himself will explain all the required precautions and post-op advice and allow you sufficient time to discuss. An emergency contact is also provided to you for any sudden requirements. In all at Trustwell Hospitals we would love to make your stay pleasant, productive and up to the Standards.
  1. 3 dimensional CT Facial reconstruction
  2. Cosmetic suite for consultation
  3. Privacy entrance for cosmetic clients on request
  4. Plastic surgery simulator lite software
  5. Neural monitor
  6. Powered cosmetic surgery instrumentation and lasers
  7. Medical injectables storage facility for Botox, fillers, prp, plasma etc. along with ultracentrifuge
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Specialization and Expertise

Fat grafting & implants for better facial profile
Dimple creation
Surgery for better eye definition and eyelid bag remove
Minimal scarring surgery on the face using local flap
Cleft lip and palate surge
Facial trauma surgery
Reanimation surgery for paralysed face
Facelift and ear reshaping surgery
Laser hair reduction and facial rejuvenation
PRP therapy, Botox and fillers, mole surge
Micropigmentation and blading, thread lifts

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Dr. Vishwas Vijayadev

MBBS,PGDC (Genetics), MS(ORL HNS), DOHNS(UK), Fellowship Facial Plastic Surgery, International Board Certified Diplomate-Facial Plastic & reconstructive Surgery (US)

Consultant Facial Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

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