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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Bangalore

The Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery speciality at Trustwell Hospital has world class suite of advanced technology with the highest standards of surgical craftsmanship. Our experienced team of surgeons understands the right proportion of face and body and designs their avant-garde treatment plan or surgeries viz., reconstructive, micro vascular and cosmetic accordingly. 

Trustwell Hospital brings you highly experienced and trained Surgeons from India and abroad under one roof. Our well- renowned experts has outdone many successful procedures like  rhinoplasty, liposuction, body lift, hair transplant, , laser resurfacing, laser hair removal liposuction, eyelid surgery, breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast lift, tummy tuck, reconstructive surgeries and hand surgery.

This Department holds the dream of many people to overpower their flaws. We make them come true by minimal and safest procedures and strive the perfection with state of the art technologies.

  1. Rhinoplasty (Nose correction)
  2. Liposuction and body contouring
  3. Male breast reduction (Gynaecomastia correction)
  4. Tummy tuck / Abdominoplasty
  5. Breast -  Augmentation/ Reduction/ Lift (Mastopexy)
  6. Hair restoration surgery (Hair transplantation)
  7. Eye bag surgery (Blepharoplasty)
  8. Fat grafting (Lipo injection)
  9. Dimple creation
  10. Surgery for facial scars, acne marks/ white patches
  11. Lip augmentation /reduction
  12. Face lift (Rhytidectomy)
  13. Endoscopic aesthetic surgery
  14. Fillers
  15. Photo rejuvenation
  16. Lasers
  17. Botox injections
  18. Cheek implants
  19. Chin augmentation
  20. Ear surgery
  21. Neck lift
  22. Arm lift
  23. Molar reduction
  24. Penile lengthening procedure
  25. Penile surgery for erectile dysfunction
  26. Vaginoplasty/hymenoplasty

Heavy research on the symptoms of patient and holistic approach towards it, supported by finest techniques and management is the key foundation to treat a patient in Trustwell.

  1. Reconstruction of skull, eyes, nose and ear deformities (following birth defects)
  2. Facial fractures and trauma reconstruction
  3. Children’s Plastic Surgery
  4. Complete Nose and Ear reconstruction (birth defects of ears or nose)
  5. Oculo-plastic surgery (Reconstruction around the eyes)
  6. Facial palsy reanimation surgery (surgery following facial nerve damage)
  7. Cleft lip and palate surgery (full range of reconstruction)
  8. Speech surgery (nasal speech following cleft palate repair)
  9. Bone grafting and jaw surgery (Orthognathic surgery)
  10. Removal of large moles, tumours and scar reconstruction
  11. Burn reconstruction
  12. Cosmetic surgery
  13. Breast reconstruction (following breast cancer)
  14. Cancer reconstruction (following removal of tumour)
  15. Head and neck reconstruction (following head and neck cancer removal)
  16. Hand surgery: emergency and elective
  17. Nerve surgery (following trauma or tumour removal)
  18. Lower limb reconstruction (following trauma or accidents)
  19. Burn reconstruction surgery
  20. Scar revision and reconstruction
  • Advanced Operating microscope for Microvascular surgery, 
  • Air Pen Drilling system
  • Matrix plating system 
  • Plastic Surgery instrumentation
  • Liposuction system 
  • Vacuum Assisted Closure systems for complex wound healing.
  • 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  • 128- Slice Computed Tomography (CT) scan.
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Specialization and Expertise

Rhinoplasty (Nose correction)
Liposuction and body contouring
Tummy tuck / Abdominoplasty
Breast -  Augmentation/ Reduction/ Lift (Mastopexy)
Hair restoration surgery (Hair transplantation)
Surgery for facial scars, acne marks/ white patches
Lip augmentation /reduction
Face lift (Rhytidectomy)
Botox injections,Cheek implants,Chin augmentation
Neck lift ,Arm lift

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Team of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Vishwas Vijayadev


Consultant - Facial Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. N. Jithendran

MBBS, MS - Ortho, MCh , DNB - Plastic Surgery

Consultant - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Suhas - Plastic Surgeon in Bangalore

MBBS, MS (General Surgery)

Consultant - Plastic Surgery

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