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The Department of Neurology at Trustwell Hospitals is one of the most experienced and a comprehensive team working in conjunction with other allied neurospecialities like neurosurgeons, critical care specialists, interventional neuro-radiologists, neuro-nurses, speech therapists and neuro-rehabilitation (physiotherapists), with the aim of providing the best medical care for the entire spectrum of neurological conditions which is primarily a patientfocused approach. Equipped with all the latest electrophysiology technology including Electroencephalography, Electromyoneurography, Advanced imaging modalities and state-of-the-art interventional radiology facility, our team understands the complexity that comes with treating neurological diseases and provides world-class health care. With this in mind, we all have come together in order to deliver the highest standards of care.

Why Choose Neurology Department At Trustwell Hospitals?

Trustwell Hospitals' Department of Neurology is one of the country's most experienced teams of neurosurgeons, critical care specialists, interventional neuroradiologists, neuro nurses, speech therapists, and neurorehabilitation specialists. We are committed to providing high-quality medical care for a variety of neurological conditions that require a patient-centered approach. It is in this spirit that we work together to provide the best neurology treatment in Bangalore possible.

We've got the latest electrophysiology technology, including electroencephalography, electromyoneurography, advanced imaging, and an interventional radiology facility, so we understand neurological diseases and provide world-class care. Our experts keep up with all the recent developments in the field of neurology and specialize in treating epilepsy, stroke, neuromuscular and movement disorders, and dementia.

As many of our patients would say, our doctors explain the pros and cons of the medication and the truth in plain language which makes it easy for you and your family members to navigate through difficult times.

You can count on our doctors for the best treatment. You get the assurance that you are in the finest neurology hospital in Bangalore, with world-class services and the latest technology. We are just a call away!


What We Treat

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Stroke is one of the most common neurological emergencies. Stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain either gets blocked or ruptures and causes neurological dysfunction including loss of consciousness and paralysis etc., We offer diagnosis and management of all types of strokes from simple to complex conditions and stroke intervention by radiologists / surgeons gives an upper hand compared to many centers outside


Epilepsy is characterized by unprovoked seizures or fits caused by sudden and unregulated electrical activity in the brain. Epilepsy is treatable provided the patient complies with medication and lifestyle changes as required. Surgery may also sometimes be required in a few of the resistant cases. We provide comprehensive care for all preventable, treatable and refractory epilepsies

Advanced Neuromuscular Diseases

Neuromuscular diseases covers all the diseases affecting your nerves and muscles. The hospital has expertise to diagnose any neuromuscular disease with advanced electrophysiology studies like NCS, EMG, RNS, EPs and also provide latest treatments with dedicated physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Genetic testing with genetic counselling also forms an integral part of the clinic


Dementia is a term used to describe a set of symptoms indicating loss of intellectual ability including memory, that interfere with daily life. Alzheimer is one of the common types of dementias. We provide medical therapy and rehabilitaion for the suffering patients

Pediatric Neurology

Paediatric Neurology offers comprehensive care for children suffering with neurological, developmental and other behavioural challenges. A highly specialized team of doctors provides the best clinical treatments, also focus on regular monitoring, constant care and appropriate interventions.

Migraine and Headaches

Migraine is characterized by its recurrent and episodic headache usually on one side of the head. It can be triggered by certain factors like lack of sleep, skipping a meal or stress. It can be easily controlled with medications and lifestyle modification. Complex cephalalgia mangement is also available include Botox injections

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Movement disorders

Parkinsons disease is a disorder characterized by slowness of movement, tremors and rigidity of the limbs. It is generally well controlled by properly tailored medication regimen. Functional Surgery (Deep Brain StimulationDBS) also forms a method of treating this debilitating disease. The other types of movement disorders are also treated here.

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Neuromuscular Disorders



Movement Disorders

Team of Neurology Specialists

Dr Vikram Kamath - Best Neurologist in Bangalore

MBBS, D.M.(Neurology, NIMHANS)

Senior Consultant- Neurology

Dr. Rajesh K N

MBBS, MD-General Medicine. DM- Neurology

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