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Department of Anesthesia


Trustwell Institute of anesthesia and critical care are two disciplinary which aims at reducing the mortality rate by providing immediate life-saving care to the critically ill patient. Our hospital is well equipped with swift technology and sophisticated emergency room with multiple beds fulfilling the  international standards. We endeavor to deliver 24x7 services to our critically ill patient. Each patient is monitored continuously by our team of agile doctors, nurses and paramedics.

Patients mostly get anxious in surgeries related to cardio, neuro, ortho, trauma, resulting in Hemodynamic instability, airway blockage, organ failure, etc. Our experienced anesthesiologist works in coordination of Doctors to counsel the patients and make them informed & relaxed before their surgery. Anesthesia and critical care department is also part of code blue team in our hospital. A Pre Anesthesia Assessment (PAC) is always done by Anesthesiologist to see the medical condition of patient, he/she is suitable for operation or not. All the parameters like Blood pressure, diabetes, any previous operations, medicine allergies, Blood profile, ECG, chest X- rays, etc. are observed in PAC for better treatment of patient.

At Trustwell we provide personalized anesthesia services for many surgical processes such as

1. Cardiothoracic Anesthesia
2. Critical Care and trauma
3. Obstetric Anesthesia
4. Day care anesthesia service
5. Pain Medicine
6. Pediatric Anesthesia
7. Transplant Anesthesia
8. Sepsis
9. Multi-organ failure
10. Respiratory failure
11. Acute renal failure
12. Post-surgical complications

We provide planned anesthesia by observing their Pre anesthesia Assessment

1. Local anesthesia
2. General anesthesia
3. Regional anesthesia
4. For pain management-

  • Acute pain- Postoperative pain service by PCA pumps, volume pumps, labor
    analgesia, and continuous epidural and peripheral nerve blocks pumps.
  • Chronic pain- nerve blocks and interventional procedures, nerve ablation
    procedures, Radio frequency ablation, multidisciplinary approach to headache,
    post herpetic neuralgia, fibromyalgia etc.

1. Pre assessment by PAC
2. Sterile and advance boyle’s machine
3. Anasetetic vapourizers
4. Artificial resuscitator

Specialization and Expertise

Various Anesthesia
Critical Care and trauma
Pain Medicine
Multi-organ failure
Respiratory failure
Acute renal failure
Post-surgical complications

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Team of Anesthesia


Director & HOD - Dept of Anaesthesiology, Pain Relief & Palliative Care

MBBS, DA Anaesthesiology

Consultant - Anaesthesiology

MBBS, DA, DNB Anaesthesiology

Consultant - Anaesthesiology


Consultant in Anesthesiology and critical care


Associate Consultant – Anaesthesia

MD Anesthesiology, FIARA- Fellowship in academy of Regional Anaesthesia ( AORA, India )

Associate Consultant

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