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Department of Nephrology at Trustwell Hospitals offers comprehensive care to patients suffering from a spectrum of chronic and acute kidney diseases. We are one of the best kidney hospitals known for using advanced facilities and treatment options. The team of nephrologists consistently invest time, effort, and expertise to help people maintaintheir kidney health through various non-invasive & minimally invasive procedures. Our team of experienced Nephrologists is acclaimed for its rare clinical skills and for providing top-notch treatment to all classes of people ranging from children to adults. We at Trustwell Hospitals boast an adroit team of professionals including kidneytransplant specialists, nephrologists, urologists, uro-oncologist and other nursing staff.
The Centre of Excellence - Trustwell Institute of Kidney Sciences offers a wide range of specialized services to treat disorders related to kidney, renal diseases, Kidney Failure Treatment, and kidney stone removal. Trustwell hospitals is the best kidney Hospital in Bangalore, with highly experienced kidney specialists/nephrologists performing surgeries and treatments.

What We Treat

Acute Kidney Injury

Acute kidney failure occurs when your kidneys suddenly become unable to filter waste products from your blood. Decreased urine output, Fluid retention in legs, ankles or feet, Shortness of breath, Fatigue, Confusion, Nausea, Weakness, Irregular heartbeat, Chest pain, even coma in severe cases are few of the symptoms of Acute Kidney Failure. Acute kidney failure can be fatal and requires intensive treatment. However, acute kidney failure may be reversible.

Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic kidney disease describes the gradual loss of kidney function. Signs and symptoms of kidney disease are often nonspecific, meaning they can also be caused by other illnesses. Because your kidneys are highly adaptable and able to compensate for lost function, signs and symptoms may not appear until irreversible damage has occurred. Chronic kidney disease can progress to end-stage kidney failure, which is fatal without artificial filtering (dialysis) or a kidney transplant.

Diabetic Kidney Disorder

Diabetic kidney disease is a serious kidney-related complication of type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. About 25% of people with diabetes eventually develop kidney disease. Diabetic kidney disease may progress to kidney failure, also called end-stage kidney disease. Kidney failure is a life-threatening condition. At this stage your treatment options are dialysis or a kidney transplant.
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Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are hard deposits made of minerals and salts that form inside your kidneys. Diet, excess body weight, some medical conditions, and certain supplements and medications are among the many causes of kidney stones. Severe, sharp pain in the side and back, below the ribs, lower abdomen and groin, burning sensation while urinating are common symptoms of kidney stone. Small kidney stones won't require invasive treatment where as large size stone has to be removed by surgery.

Glomerular Diseases

Glomerulonephritis is inflammation of the tiny filters in your kidneys. It can come on suddenly or gradually on its own or as part of another disease, such as lupus or diabetes. the goal of treatment is to protect your kidneys from further damage. For acute glomerulonephritis dialysis can help remove excess fluid and control high blood pressure. The only long-term therapies for end-stage kidney disease are kidney dialysis and kidney transplant.

Renal Tubular Disorders

Renal tubular disorders are a diverse group of conditions, both generalized and specific that develop when the tubules don’t work properly resulting in the body’s blood water, salts, and level of acidity, singly or together, becoming abnormal. Treatments include medications to correct water, salts and acid levels and to prevent complications like kidney stones, as well as specialized diets.
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Specialization and Expertise

Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy
Peritoneal Dialysis
Plasma Pharesis
Ultrasound Guided Kidney Biopsy
Transplant Nephrology

Team of Nephrology Specialists

MBBS, DNB - General Medicine, Diplomate in Nephrology - University Of London, UK

Senior consultant - Nephrologist

Hari Prasad - Rehabilitation Specialist

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Nephrology)

Consultant, Department of Nephrology

Krithika Mohan - Specialist in Nephrology

MBBS, MD (General medicine), DNB (Nephrology)

Consultant Nephrologist and transplant physician

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