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Emergency and Trauma Care

Trustwell Hospital is a level 1 trauma facility that is operable 24×7 and constitutes a team of highly specialized physicians & surgeons. Our main aim is to stabilize the patient by prompt thinking and reliable treatment decision. The first thing that strikes in case of accidents and emergency is calling an ambulance. Trustwell ambulance is furnished with all the utilities, an emergency doctor and an on-site nurse, which helps us treating a patient before they reach the hospital. We follow the triage system according to which patients are prioritized based on their fatality. The Emergency & Trauma Care division at Trustwell is designed in such a way, it comes in proximity to radiology and lab facilities.

Trauma Facility

Advanced Equipment

Emergency Care

Advanced Trauma Center Bangalore

Emergency Support

State of Art Infrastructure

Critical Care Unit

Expertise of Anaesthesiologists

Careful selection of anesthesia type for patients with different medical conditions.

Expertise of Surgical intensivists

Multispecialty critical unit fully fabricated with modern equipment and certified surgical intensivists, with 30+ experiences of general and critical surgeries.

Expertise of Respiratory Therapists

Regulation of oxygen level and breathing problems is maintained by Respiratory therapists in surgery.

Handle medical eventualities

ICU equipped with machines like ventilator, defibrillators for any medical contingencies.

Pre-operative care for Patients

Managing patients physically and mentally prior to surgery for better outcomes.

1:1 patient-to-nurse ratio

Appropriate nursing staff for every patient maintaining 1:1 ratio

Critical Care Unit

Lab Tests & Diagnostics

Neuropsychiatric Care

Lab Tests

Lab tests are done to check any change in your blood, urine, tissue, etc. that might help doctors to plan a significant treatment module.We offer tests like CBC, CRP, Glucose, LFT, thyroid, lipid analysis, urine analysis, etc.

Radiology Tests

Use of imaging techniques to see any deformity in the body such as X-rays, MRI, CT-cans, etc. We offer first and the best of its kind 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and 128- slice Computed Tomography (CT) scan, PET scan, etc.

Other Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are done to confirm the suspected disease in a body. We provide tests like Widal test, Hepatitis test, Biopsies, FNAC, etc.

Neuropsychiatry and Rehabilitation Center at Trustwell Hospitals

Advanced Tests

The diagnosis of life-threatening and inherited diseases is done using advanced techniques. At Trustwell we offer mutation analysis, Genetic pedigree analysis, Thalassemia profiling, immune deficiency profiling, etc.

Lab Tests & Diagnostics

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