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Stress and Heart Disease

Many times, you would have experienced disturbances in sleep or discomfort in your mind with a heavy head and dizziness. Most of us will do it because we are living in a challenging world today. I and you are no different. The reason for this is stress. 

Well, how do you know that you are facing a stressful moment? Usually, you will experience it yourself because stress induces behavioural changes in all human beings. Common responses to stress being,

  • Loss of Temper
  • Anger and frustration
  • Loss of sleep
  • Forgetfulness
  • Impatience 
  • Depression. 

However, it is not just these which occur due to stress. Excessive stress can also lead to minor heart problems by bringing about variations in your blood pressure. Sometimes, it can take even more dangerous turns leading to heart attacks and strokes. 

Are I unique and the only one who can feel stressed?!

In no way can you consider yourself alone as far as feeling stressed is concerned. Anyone of us can feel stressed. Be it in any profession you are; example teachers, engineers, pilots, actors; anyone can feel stressed. For that matter, don’t be surprised, even doctors themselves can face anxious moments leading to stress when they are to perform a complex surgery. Students time and again continue to face pressure when exams are nearing. So there you go, stress is not limited to you alone! Now relax.

Staying with the topic of stress, it can be classified into two different ways.

  • You may face Acute Stress issues which are not continuous and experienced on and off. This type of stress occurs mainly due to anxiety caused due to arguments and minor accidents at work or on the road etc.
  • You can also face stress which lasts for a long time is called Chronic Stress. This type of stress is usually caused due to major incidents like a financial issue, family disturbances or a highly volatile work environment. 

How can Stress affect me?

Stress can bring about changes in your behaviour and very approach. I have mentioned certain points a little while earlier in this article in terms of responses. In addition to this, stress can have a direct impact on your heart. How? 

Simple! Every one of us, right from a new born child to a grown up adult have a controlled blood pressure. But that can vary due to various circumstances. Blood Pressure, if not monitored correctly and periodically, can lead to heart attacks and strokes. 

How do I manage Stress?

The best way to manage stress according to me is stay calm and hold your emotions in check. But I know that’s easier than done. The next best option, consult a good physician whom you can trust and the best team of trustworthy doctors are available in TrustWell Hospitals. With a technology driven infrastructure and advanced medicine, Trustwell has the ideal medical setup to care for your heart, from the bottom of our heart.  

Remember, facing stress is in your hands. When you actually do that, think about one thing, your Heart, as it can handle only limited amount of stress

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