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How Does Our Brain Help Us Communicate with One Another?

Human Brain is apparently the most refined and complicated part of the body. It is responsible for intelligence, thoughts, sensations, memories, body movement, feelings, and behaviour. The average human brain contains about 86 billion nerve cells, called neurons. These are the building blocks of your brain. Neurons communicate with each other by sending chemical and electrical …

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What is Migraine?

What is Migraine? Migraine is a neurological issue with a variety of symptoms often including acute headaches, throbbing sensation and enfeebles. There can be certain sensory alterations too, prior to the headache that is recognised as aura and is usually accompanied by nausea and vomiting. A migraine attack can stay effective from a few hours …

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The Best Neurology Hospital in Bangalore

Trustwell Hospital is a multi-speciality hospital with highly qualified and trained medical professionals from each field. The team has been continuously contributing to exceptional medical care over a long period of time and have now, come together to build this fantastic and  feasible clinical infrastructure. With over 250 beds, the health facility centre has been …

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