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This Mother’s Day, Let Your Mother Know How Much You Care


Mother is the core of every person in the world. She is one such amazing member of the family who works hard day and night to fulfil all your demands on time. Mother’s day is the perfect opportunity for us to express our feelings and make her feel appreciated and loved for whatever she has done to date. We are about to give you some best ideas to celebrate this Mother’s Day in a healthier way.

Treat her with a healthy meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let her rest for one day and you do the needful of serving her with a delicious and nutritious healthy meal. Try to include everything in the platter such as an equal proportion of fresh fruits and vegetables, some healthy proteins, and whole grains. She has always kept a good track of your eating habits when you were young and now it is your turn to keep in check her diet schedule. As she ages, her body requires more fiber and protein.

Mother's Day

Apart from a balanced diet, it is extremely important to be active and keep moving. At least 30 minutes of exercise in the form of walking, yoga, or another physical activity is recommended. An active lifestyle, especially when she is growing old help in keeping the joints functioning, healthy heart functioning, improving blood circulation, and healthy functioning of the digestive system. Buy her new fitness apparel to motivate her further.

Mothers get stressed out very easily in even small things. Ageing also contributes to stress due to hormonal imbalance, especially after menopause. Help her distress by spending some quality time with her. Act as a good listener, be understanding and do not get irritated by her cranky behaviour. Assure her that you are always there for her. Gift her a health spa to relax and rejuvenate.

Encourage her for the regular tests and checkups as it is highly recommended. Accompany her as it will make her feel loved and cared for. Remember when you were small, she always took care of your doctor visits and appointments. It’s your turn now. Take an appointment from Dr. Manish Joshi, the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore.

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