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How To Have A Healthy And Happy Father’s Day?


The month of June is the month dedicated to your father and 16th will be celebrated as Father’s Day. We celebrated Mother’s Dayrecently in the month of May. Now its time to make your dad happy on the 16th as its a day dedicated to your father and it is Father’s Day. This Sunday is the perfect time to show how much you care about and appreciate your father for whatever he has done to date. What could be more important than taking care of the health of a hardworking, loving and deserving dad? Here is how.

Stay Fit:

Your dad is aging and therefore it is important that you look after his health and encourage him to stay fit and active. Get him moving and involve him in fun physical activities such as walking, jogging, tennis, badminton, etc. Weight management can help prevent many diseases.

Healthy Meal:

Encourage him to eat a healthy meal to promote better health. As the body ages, we need to take extra care of nutrition and eat a balanced diet including a mix of fresh fruits and vegetables along with foods that are rich in vitamins, calcium, minerals, and protein. Organize a healthy dinner on this special day.

Healthy Mind:

It is important to relax the mind. Encourage him to practice yoga and meditation on a daily basis. This will help your dad to keep the mind sharp and stress-free. A good massage helps in blood circulation and relaxation of mind both.

Regular Check-Ups:

It is your responsibility to take him for regular checkups after the age of 50. A disease if diagnosed at an early stage can be prevented easily. The two things that are deadly are cancer and heart attack. It is better to be safe than sorry. Consult Dr. Manish Joshi, the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore for the best treatment of all gastrointestinal disorders.

Quit Smoking:

Smoking is an awful habit that kills you silently. It puts you at a greater risk of mouth cancer as well as stroke. Some other deadly cancers caused by smoking are lung cancer and abdominal cancer. It could also lead to memory problems with time leading to memory loss. Help him quit smoking if your father is a smoker.

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